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Melbourne Veneers Costs & Price Guide – Composite & Porcelain
Dental Articles

Veneers Costs & Price Guide Melbourne

How much are veneers, what are the factors that impact costs, and can I actually afford to get veneers in Melbourne? If you’ve spent any …

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How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Melbourne Elevate Dental
Dental Articles

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Melbourne?

If you’re in Melbourne and need to get a root canal, then one of the first things that you’ll want to know is the cost. …

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What are the Best Alternatives to Braces
Dental Articles

What are the Best Alternatives to Braces?

From kids to adults, many people flinch at the thought of wearing braces for months (sometimes years!) to correct the bite of their teeth.  Fortunately, …

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How Much Does A Retainer Cost in Australia 2023 Price Guide
Dental Articles

How Much Does A Retainer Cost in Australia?

How much do retainers cost in Australia, and what kinds of retainer should you opt for? After braces (or aligners) have done most of the …

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Does Coffee Stain Teeth Causes, Prevention, Treatment
Dental Articles

Does Coffee Stain Teeth? Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Does coffee stain teeth, and will a morning cup of joe prevent you from having the pearly whites of your dreams? It’s a common question …

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How Much Do Braces Cost in Australia
Dental Articles

How Much Do Braces Cost in Australia?

Thinking of getting braces for the perfect smile? You might have to brace yourself when it comes to how much you’ll need to fork out …

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dental statistics article cover image
Dental Articles

20 Dental Statistics to Know in 2023

The dental landscape in Australia has changed significantly over the years due to advancements in healthcare technology, eating habits, and a greater awareness of oral …

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how to choose the right types of dentures
Dental Articles

How to Choose the Right Type of Denture

Discover the types of dentures available and how to choose the right option for you. Learn about traditional implant bridges, dentures, overdentures, an, including their benefits and drawbacks.

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dental implant cost

Dental Implant Cost — Understand the Affecting Factors

A missing or damaged tooth may cause you to be embarrassed about your smile. Restorative dentistry can replace your missing teeth and includes treatments like …

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dental veneer chipped tooth

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth? Find Out How Dental Veneers Can Help

Your tooth’s enamel protects its shape and structure, but when accidents happen, it’s possible to chip a tooth. Besides making you self-conscious about your smile, …

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