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What Is The Cost Of Invisalign?

Are you considering Invisalign to straighten your teeth for that perfect smile? This cutting-edge orthodontic treatment is the best and most trusted way to align ...
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Dental Checkups Videos

Can My Migraine Be Caused by My Teeth?

Yesterday, I was speaking with my regular patient and friend, Ben. He has been having some trouble with severe migraines for a few weeks...
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Dental Checkups Videos

3 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have A Dentist Monitor Your Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a team effort. We need to work together to achieve your best smile and get it at the perfect time. If you ...
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Dental Videos

Why Does My Mouth Feel Dry?

“Why does my mouth feel so dry? Is this normal?” I’ve heard the same story quite a lot from other patients, so I thought that ...
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Cosmetic Dentistry Videos

Dental Payment Plans at Elevate Dental

I was speaking with one of our patients, Oliver from Hawthorn. He was considering a smile makeover and was curious about dental payment plan options ...
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Dental Checkups Videos

What Are The 3 Main Causes of Toothache

A toothache can range in how severe it is from the occasional mild niggle or twinge to constant excruciating pain. While each case is different, ...
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Children's Dentistry Videos

What Happens at My Child’s First Dental Checkup?

I was speaking with one of our patients, Lisa from Abbotsford. She was planning to bring her three-year-old and one-year-old for their first dental checkup ...
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Dental Bonding Videos

What Do I Do If Professional Whitening Won’t Remove the Stains on My Teeth?

She had tried professional whitening in the past but found that they didn't really affect the staining in the teeth, there was no improvement.
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Dental Checkups Videos

What Is Included in a Dental Checkup and Clean at Elevate Dental?

Yesterday, I was speaking with our new patient Terry from Richmond. He mentioned that it has actually been a while since he last had a ...
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Dental Anxiety Videos

What Is The Cost Of Happy Gas Treatment?

Happy Gas Treatment Price in Melbourne approximately range anywhere from $70 depending on a number of factors. Watch this video...
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Emily B

“Amazing experience.. all the doctors, nurse and everyone else just amazing. Very friendly. Most of all my smile just so bright. I came for the Invisalign and oh my god I only need to use it for 4 months and my teeth look so amazing. Thank you for bringing my smile back.”

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