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Tomorrow is Halloween and with the holiday, many kids all over will be feasting on Halloween candy and treats. It’s one of the few nights as a kid, where I remember being allowed to have more than one piece of candy in one sitting. Luckily, as a parent, I haven’t had to deal much with candy-crazy children, as my kids only eat a little bit and then don’t even ask for more. In fact, I end up eating more of their Halloween candy stash than they do!

Regardless, on Halloween night, especially, my husband and I stress the importance of brushing teeth and make sure our kids brush their teeth before they head to bed after a night of trick-or-treating. (Brushing teeth is important every day, but we take advantage of the in-your-face example from seeing and eating Halloween candy to remind them.) Since they were infants, our children have been seeing us brush our teeth and have joined in on the fun. I say fun because we make it fun by making funny faces and sounds as we brush our teeth and show them how to properly brush their own teeth. It’s a little harder with our two-year-old toddler, but by using toothbrushes with recognizable and loved characters (like his current Spider-Man obsession), it’s easy to get him excited about brushing teeth. The trick is to convince him to let us help him brush his teeth since he’s unable to do a really good job on his own.

The team at wants you to know a few things about your children’s teeth, especially this Halloween! Did you know that over 50% of children will have some tooth decay by age 5? I didn’t either, but that’s a lot of kids! The infographic above provides some good information on the effects of candy on children’s teeth, as well as a few oral care tips. Information on fluoride and how it can help protect teeth is also included. Share the infographic with your friends so they can be informed too!

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