Introducing Elevate Dental!

Once Clifton Street and Swinburne Dental, then the ‘Smiles’ dental group. There’s been a few changes, but you can expect the same great service, now aligned under our new name. Introducing Elevate Dental!

Why Elevate Dental?

The definition of the word ‘Elevate’ is to raise something to a higher or more important level. For us, this resonated with our commitment to your dental health. We believe your dental health should be a part of your overall wellbeing, and your dentist should empower you to make decisions that benefit your teeth while working with your lifestyle.

By uniting our brands under one name, you know you’ll get great service, prompt appointments and friendly dentists no matter which clinic you go to.

Our ethos

  1. We know the importance of a beautiful smile.

    Having a confident smile can make a huge difference to how others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself. We know that self esteem rockets when you love your smile, because we see it every day with our cosmetic dentistry patients. We create bespoke smile solutions, designed to fit your personal definition of a great smile. Learn more about it on our Smile Makeovers page.

  2. We understand the value of your time.

    There’s nothing worse than booking in for a lunchtime appointment that quickly sees you out of office till 4pm. Our flagship locations in Hawthorn and Richmond mean we’re close at hand and convenient to get to, and our generous booking times mean less delays.

  3. We’re committed to your long-term dental health.

    We know it’s hard to be perfect when it comes to dental health, which is why we work hard to find solutions that work for you. As well as keeping up to date with the latest in dental technology, we maintain an ongoing relationship with you through our Prevention Program that keeps your dental health in check, and makes maintenance even easier.

Are you a new patient?

We welcome all new patients and their families to come and experience the Elevate difference. We ensure your dentistry experiences are comfortable and convenient, with dentists you know and trust. Why not book online today and meet our friendly team?