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Juan’s Smile Makeover in Richmond

Juan is a really nice guy from Richmond with a history of teeth grinding. His teeth didn’t appear as they used to...

We would like to share with you Juan’s elevated smile with composite bonding in Richmond.

Juan is a nice guy from Richmond with a history of teeth grinding. His teeth appeared to be uneven and chipped on the edges, and his wife wanted to do something to have it fixed.

Juan and his wife decided to take action, and they browsed online looking for a dental practice in Richmond, and luckily they found out about us! They read many reviews and saw all our lovely patients’ smile transformations. Immediately they booked a consultation with us!

He came to us for a regular dental health check and cleaning, and during the consultation, we found out that he had been grinding his teeth and determined that to be the reason for his worn-down teeth.

For his smile transformation, we worked together to find a solution to protect his teeth and give him an improved smile. We then decided to fix his uneven, worn-down teeth with Composite Bonding.

What Were The Issues With His Existing Teeth?

  • Worn-down teeth

What We Did for His Smile Makeover

The Result

After two dental visits over two weeks apart, we were able to elevate his smile with Composite Bonding. His smile looked even more gorgeous and harmonious, with his teeth now the same size and shape. We also gave him a Night Guard to protect his teeth from being worn down in the future when he grinds his teeth during his sleep at night.

Do you want to elevate your smile to a whole new level? Give us a call now at 1300 2 SMILE or contact us by submitting the enquiry form below.

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Emily B

“Amazing experience.. all the doctors, nurse and everyone else just amazing. Very friendly. Most of all my smile just so bright. I came for the Invisalign and oh my god I only need to use it for 4 months and my teeth look so amazing. Thank you for bringing my smile back.”

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