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Our Top Tips For A Cavity-Free Christmas
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Christmas is a great time for family and friends, and like many festivities means plenty of delicious food to indulge in. We know it’s a special time, and you might not want to miss out on those once-a-year treats, which is why we’ve put together some great tips and tricks for enjoying holiday meals without compromising on your dental health.

Keep up your twice a day routine, even when routine is out of the window

Holidays are the perfect time for sleeping in, eating out, and being spontaneous with your day. Even if you’re not hitting that alarm clock at 6am, ensuring you start and finish your day with your usual brushing and flossing routine means those extra gingerbread cookies, or second glass of red wine aren’t hanging around longer to contribute to plaque build up, or stains.

Up your hydration

Not only is water better for your teeth than fizzy drinks or alcohol due to its lack of sugar, but keeping hydrated can also assist with your mouth creating adequate saliva, which helps prevent bacteria growth. It’s a great time of year to enjoy a sweet drink or two, but remember to match your refills with a glass of plain or sparkling water. With our hot Australian summers, your whole body will thank you!

Treat yourself to a new toothbrush

We generally recommend a new toothbrush every 3 months, so if you’ve got to December and realised your brush is looking a little lived-in, great! Appliances and gadgets are often on sale for Christmas and Boxing day, so why not treat yourself to a new electric toothbrush? Likewise, a timer toothbrush for kids is a great stocking filler, and means they’ll be more excited to keep up their routine.

Prepare healthy snacks in advance

With so many cookies, hard candies and chocolates around, it’s easy to fall prey to all day snacking on sugar loaded treats. Lessen the load on your teeth (and stomach!) by making sure you’ve got healthy snacks on hand, so when you open the fridge it’s just as easy to grab and go. Our favourites are capsicum and carrot sticks with hummus, cherry tomatoes, feta stuffed olives or mixed berries for a sweeter treat.

Book your check up before you head back to work

Utilise those final free days to get your health in order, including a check-up with your dentist. Even if you’ve abstained from the sweet stuff, January is a great time to book in and kick start your New Year ensuring your teeth, gums and mouth are healthy. With our online booking system, you can even set and forget your appointment for as far in the distance as six months!

What tip or trick did we miss that you always rely on? Be sure to share them with us, or tell us about them on our Facebook page!

From everyone at Elevate Dental, we wish you a joyful and relaxing summer holiday to you and your family!

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James Wong is a wonderful Dentist. The communication and patience through the procedure was first class.

James B


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