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Healthy habits made in childhood can last a lifetime.

A good routine of brushing and flossing in childhood not only prevents cavities and gum issues, but helps set up a great long term habit for adulthood too. For children, visiting the dentist can be intimidating, which is why we focus on making the experience for them (and for parents too!) as painless as possible.

Children’s dentistry made fun and friendly

Our dentists love to make taking care of teeth an easy and effortless, which is why we ensure our littlest clients have the best experience possible. Our friendly team make sure your child is comfortable and relaxed, welcome to take their time and ask questions. While we’re looking after their dental needs they’ll be kicking back watching Netflix, and look forward to a special goody bag on the way out – and a hi-five for their great work being a stellar client!

Frequently asked questions

  • Keeping up your six month check ups with kids means they are used to the experience and know it’s nothing to be afraid of.
  • You can learn new techniques, products and services that help with keeping little teeth clean and healthy
  • Get ahead of any problems before they become painful or costly
  • Monitoring the progression of wisdom teeth, and other tooth movement
  • A long term relationship means your children will understand the importance of dental health, and hopefully continue it into adulthood.

While your kid grow taller and taller, their mouths and teeth are growing too. Baby teeth fall out, making room for adult teeth, and the entire mouth area changes as your child grows. 

Unfortunately, this growth isn’t always smooth sailing. Regular check ups mean we can keep on top of common children’s dentistry issues like:

  • Decay
    Deciduous (baby) teeth can develop holes from a lack of brushing, hypomineralisation (“soft teeth”), diet habits, medications and general health. It’s important to keep on top of decay to keep teeth clean and healthy.
  • Crowding and jaw alignment
    We keep an eye on the spacing and development of both the teeth and jaws to identify issues as they arise. Crowded teeth can cause issues beyond aesthetics, including hard to clean areas, or baby teeth not allowing space for adult teeth to grow through.
  • Accidents
    Kids will always be kids. Sometimes when a tooth is damaged or knocked out, it can have long term effects as your child continues to grow and develop. By keeping on top of this development at regular check ups, we can help prevent a one-time mistake doesn’t turn into a life-long issue.

Why Choose Invisalign at Elevate Dental

Our people-focused approach. Our entire team are friendly professionals focused on your child’s ongoing comfort.

High quality dentistry. Our commitment to continuous education means offering you and your family the best.

A relaxed atmosphere. Kids can kick back with Netflix or headphones while we keep their teeth clean and healthy

Appointments when you need them the most. Later nights and lunch times available.

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