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It’s incredible the difference a white smile can make.
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Elevate Dental has made it even easier to achieve it.

You might be staining your teeth and not even realise it.

Many of us know the common culprits for a yellow, discoloured smile. Smoking, for example, is not only bad for your overall health, but can stain teeth (and fingers!) as well. Coffee and red wine are also top contenders for yellowing teeth, but did you also know blueberries, tea and other foods high in tannins (a natural compound found in many plants) can also cause it?

Yellowing teeth isn’t just associated with what we eat and drink: For some of us, a discoloured smile is a result of trauma, medications or just good old fashioned genetic luck. At Elevate Dental, we take into account your history and background to recommend for you the best teeth whitening system for you and your needs.

Teeth Whitening Solutions at Elevate Dental

Gels, strips, mouthguards, pens and potions … and a lot of promises!

As qualified dental professionals, we’re dedicated to finding you the right whitening product that not only improves the look of your smile, but ensures your teeth and mouth are kept safe and comfortable. This is why we’ve chosen to use the Philips Zoom! Whitening System, the #1 patient requested whitening system in Australia*. This advanced treatment comes as an in-chair treatment for dramatic results, or as an easy to use at-home treatment for a subtle, gradual outcome.

Which whitening treatment is right for me?

Teeth whitening is a bespoke service completely dependent on your needs and desired outcome. For some people, a subtle whitening is desirable for a fresher, brighter look. Others may be after a full ‘Hollywood’ smile, with radiant bright teeth.

Our advanced in chair whitening system lightens teeth up to eight shades in one sitting. The best part? You can do it during your lunch break!

Before starting your in-chair whitening, your Elevate Dental dentist will check your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy. If your whitening is part of a wider Smile Makeover, your dentist will also discuss outcomes in relation to other activities, such as braces, Invisalign or veneers.

The Process :

  • Lips and gums are covered, allowing the active ingredient to focus on the teeth alone
  • The Zoom! Whitening gel is applied to your teeth by your dentist
  • Our advanced chairside lamp is focused on your teeth for fifteen minutes, activating the gel and ensuring maximum results. While this is happening, you’ll be kicking back listening to music or checking out what’s on Netflix.
  • After fifteen minutes of light therapy a sensitivity reducing formula is applied to your teeth to help reduce and prevent any sensitivity during your treatment
  • This 15 minute process is repeated three to four more times to ensure maximum results. While this treatment cannot change the colour of the tooth itself, you can expect to see the lightness of your colour improved up to 8 shades.

If a gradual whitening in the comfort of your own home sounds more like you, our personalised at-home whitening kits are an ideal option. For our in-chair whitening clients, a take-home whitening kit is also a great way to maintain your results between visits, and keep your smile bright.

To create a bespoke whitening kit, your Elevate Dental dentist will take a mould of your teeth to create a unique mouthguard designed just for you. Utilising this mouthguard, you’ll be shown how to follow your given kit instructions to safely and effectively whiten your teeth at home. With most users seeing results in only 7 days*, you’ll be on track for a brighter smile, sooner!

If you’re not sure which option is better for you, you can call one of our friendly team members to discuss your questions and concerns. Contact us here.

Dramatic results, up to 8 shades lighterx 
A gentle, gradual whitening x
Sensitive Teeth Friendlyxx
Safe and Effectivexx
Express treatmentx 

Why Choose Teeth Whitening at Elevate Dental

Our people-focused approach. Our entire team are friendly professionals focused on your ongoing comfort.

High quality dentistry. Our commitment to continuous education means offering you the best.

A relaxed atmosphere. Kick back with Netflix or headphones while we keep your teeth clean and healthy

Appointments when you need them the most. Later nights and lunch times available.

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