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Children's Dentistry

When it comes to children’s dentistry, our philosophy at Elevate Dental is that prevention is the best treatment. We are committed to providing family and children’s dentistry with experience, compassion and kindness, so when you visit us, you can be confident knowing your family is getting the best care possible.

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Your Child’s First Dental Exam

So, you’ve scheduled your child’s first dental exam, and sometimes anxiety sets in. Questions arise like what if my child has a temper tantrum? What if my child cries? How can I help? No need to worry because these simple precautions and guidelines can help:


Begin preparing yourself and your child for their first dental visit. You can read children’s books or watch videos made to prepare them for their first visit. Check your local library or online for those that are suited to your child’s personality.
Bring your child to one of your dental exams or an exam of a family member and allow them to watch. Obviously, they do not need to witness a tooth extraction, but allowing them to see a routine examination will show them that it is a perfectly natural process. Asking the dentist to give them a ride in the dental chair can go a long way to helping your child feel comfortable.

Also, when you make your child’s first dental visit, inform our staff that it is their first and let them know of any anxieties or fears your child may have. We can then prepare and ensure they feel safe and comfortable during their appointment.

The Exam

If your child is too small, they can sit on your lap in the dental chair. The dentist will explain the procedure then have a look around the mouth, gums and teeth. Many parents like to bring toys or blankets so the child feels safe, and we can provide entertainment if it helps. After the initial search for cavities or other dental issues, we may do a cleaning and show your child how to use a toothbrush, as reinforcement. If you have any questions or concerns, we can address those during this time.

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Why Children’s Checkups are Important

Even though children have baby teeth, it is important they get regular dental checkups. Routine exams help your child become used to the office visits while reinforcing good oral hygiene habits. At the same time, it keeps small problems small because they can be treated right away, and that means your child is less likely to experience a dental emergency or pain associated with extensive dental problems. Here are the main reasons why routine dental exams are important:

We can monitor tooth development and see if proper brushing is taking place. If not, we can help teach your child good habits and even chat about good dietary habits, if needed. Many parents find this helpful since children learn good and healthy habits when they are reinforced by others.

Even baby teeth can get cavities, and it’s not always due to a diet high in candy. Some kids just have softer teeth that are more prone to decay, while medications may cause decay for others, in spite of their best brushing efforts. In either case, a cavity that gets out of control can be devastating for your child. But regular dental checkups help us catch problems fast before they cause pain or worse dental issues.

Wisdom teeth or a smaller jaw can cause teeth to become crowded and crooked. This can result in pain, hidden areas of decay leading to cavities and lowered confidence to smile. We at Elevate Dental believe that the sooner we can correct this issue, the less intrusive it is for your child. With routine exams, we can monitor your child’s dental development and make a plan to ward off crooked teeth or find the best option to deal with it when your child is young. Early intervention often results in less pain and shorter treatment time, so your child can enjoy smiling for their entire childhood.


Tips for Your Child’s Dental Visits

Frequently Asked Questions

Our trusted dentists are here to help you with your individual needs. Explore our FAQs below or contact us if you have a specific question.

What is children’s dentistry?

Children’s dentistry is essentially a range of preventive measures like teaching, regular dental check-ups, and forming a healthy relationship with oral hygiene. Children can have their first visit as young as two years old, and while most do not need dental work, this is a great time for us to examine their teeth and gums to ensure their oral development is following a healthy path. We can also introduce the concept of proper brushing to young children and teach them that oral health is an important part of overall health. 

How do I help my child overcome fear and dental anxiety?

It’s not uncommon for children to be afraid of dentists, so we encourage you to bring your child to your own dental exams so they can begin to feel comfortable with us. We can offer them rides in the dental chair, creating excitement and anticipation for when it is time for their very first dental exam. Here at Elevate Dental, we are committed to helping your child feel comfortable and enjoy their experience at the dentist. Sitting back to enjoy watching a cartoon during their appointment or even looking forward to an after-visit reward, we will create a positive environment so your child can feel safe and comfortable during all their visits with us.

Can my child sit on my lap during the dental exam?

Yes! If your child is too small to fit comfortably in the chair, they can sit on your lap during their dental exam. Being in a comfortable position can help alleviate anxiety and make the dental exam a more positive experience for both you and your child. The dentist will explain the procedure before examining your child’s mouth, gums, and teeth, with the option for your child to watch television during the dental exam. Many parents like to bring familiar toys so that their child feels safe. 

How can I prepare my child for their first dental visit?

Leading up to your child’s first dental appointment, it often helps to read them children’s books or show them short videos about dental care to prepare them for their first visit. At Elevate Dental, we encourage parents to bring their child to their dental exams and allow them to watch. By giving them the opportunity to see a routine dental check-up and teeth cleaning, you can help them understand that dentist visits are nothing to be scared of. Even asking the dentist to give them a ride in the dental chair can go a long way to helping your child feel comfortable.

Can baby teeth get cavities?

Yes, even baby teeth can develop cavities. Contrary to popular belief, baby teeth are not immune to tooth decay and can occur due to poor oral hygiene, certain foods and drinks, and certain medications. However, despite best brushing practices, some children have softer teeth that are more prone to decay. In any case, addressing cavities in baby teeth early on is crucial. Regular check-ups enable dentists to identify cavities and prevent further progression, which could cause pain or potential damage to the underlying permanent teeth, and help maintain the overall oral health of your child. 

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