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Teeth Whitening

White teeth are the key to a confident, happy smile. In fact, a recent study in the United States that those with a white smile were around 25% more confident and perceived to be more attractive and successful. It may seem vain, but white smiles aren’t just good for your outward appearance – they’re also a great way to boost self-confidence and improve your self-esteem. At Elevate Dental, we’re committed to helping more Melbourne locals to achieve a whiter, brighter smile with cosmetic teeth whitening services.

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Teeth Whitening Melbourne

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You can get your teeth whitened at one of Elevate Dental’s Melbourne clinics or from the comfort of your home. When you visit a professional dentist for teeth whitening services, you’ll achieve just the right level of white while lessening the risk of developing extreme tooth sensitivity and gum damage. Beware of certain over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and other products that can damage and weaken your precious tooth enamel. Remember, it’s quick, easy, and cost-effective to get it done at the dentist!

At Elevate Dental, we provide two options for teeth whitening services.

At Home

At home teeth whitening is a convenient option for those who prefer to take a slower approach to the teeth whitening process. It will generally cost less than treatments at a dental clinic, but you’ll have to do it yourself. Luckily, it’s a simple process. We’ll provide a tray and a whitening solution, or gel, that is customised for your teeth. At home, you’ll add the gel to the tray and place it over your teeth for 1-2 hours each night — for between 7 and 14 days.

Patients prefer getting a tooth whitening kit from a licensed dentist instead of buying a standard store kit because the trays and gel are custom made for each individual. Dentist-made trays ensure you get the ideal strength gels for your desired shade of white without overdoing it (over whitening your teeth can cause extreme sensitivity). Custom-made trays will always fit better than standard store kits, which can put you at greater risk of pain, discomfort, and gum and enamel damage.

In Office

In-office teeth whitening can be completed in just one visit to the dentist. You can get your teeth whitened in about 90 minutes. During the whitening session, the dentist will apply a whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. They will ensure that your gums and lips are protected — reducing the risk of discomfort or gum burns — and shine a blue light on your teeth to activate the gel, beginning the whitening process.

Many patients will prefer getting their teeth whitened at a clinic because of the instant results and expert application from a trustworthy, licensed dental professional. Other advantages of in-office teeth whitening include increased safety levels, more accurate teeth whitening, and longer-lasting results.

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Went this afternoon for an appointment after not having been to the dentist since god-knows-when. The team booked me in at a time that suited me, were really easy to deal with, the process was simple and I was in and out (with a filling and an x-ray) within my hour lunch break. Dr James was really good and they made me feel comfortable and relaxed (even when I panicked over the big anaesthetic needle). The cost was really reasonable and I am definitely going to recommend to everyone.

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How to Prepare for Teeth Whitening

While getting your teeth whitened is not the same as surgery, there are some simple things you can do to get the most from your procedure.


Teeth Whitening After Care

Once you get your teeth whitened, we understand you want your new colour to last. There are some things you can do to ensure your teeth stay beautifully white after your treatment:

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Whitening for Life Program​

No matter what type of teeth whitening treatment you use, your teeth will naturally become darker over time. Why is this, when you went to the effort of whitening them? Well, you’ll keep eating and drinking, of course, and certain foods and drinks will invariably stain your teeth. If you smoke, that can also negatively impact the shade of your teeth. The aging process will also naturally darken your teeth. So, Elevate Dental offers our patients a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain their white teeth for life.

Our Whitening for Life Program is the ideal maintenance and prevention program to keep your dental health up to speed. Whitening for Life involves regular check-ups and cleaning every 6 months to keep your teeth in the best shape possible. Teeth whitening is most effective when it is done following a professional teeth cleaning, so we’ll provide you with a new whitening syringe at every 6-month check-up and clean. And if you’ve had a professional whitening at our clinic (and stick to your regular cleanings), you’ll only have to wear the whitening solution for two to three days. Doesn’t that sound great?


Frequently Asked Questions

Our trusted dentists are here to help you with your individual needs. Explore our FAQs below or contact us if you have a specific question.

Teeth whitening is a dental treatment intended to give you a white, cleaner smile. It uses whitening gels with ingredients like hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth. The whitening process can be done either at home or in our office (which one you use will depend on your whitening goals). During your initial exam, one of our dental professionals will help you decide upon the best shade of white for your teeth and suggest a plan to help you get there.

Teeth can become discoloured for a range of reasons, such as medications, staining from foods, trauma to the teeth, or intrinsic health conditions. Not all types of discolouration can be fixed with a tooth whitening treatment, but a dental exam and evaluation from one of our professional dentists can determine if the teeth whitening procedure is right for you — and which one.

Teeth can become discoloured for a range of reasons, such as medications, staining from foods or trauma to the teeth. Not all types of discolouration can be fixed with a tooth whitening treatment, but a dental exam and evaluation will allow our team of professionals to determine if the procedure is right for you.

  • Extrinsic stains are those that form on the outside of the teeth. This type of staining is mostly due to foods and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, grape juice and even curries. Other practices like smoking can cause teeth to stain, and quite often teeth discolor as we age. These are the most common discoloration issues that teeth whitening can solve.
  • Intrinsic stains form from the inside of teeth. These are often due to medications, tooth decay or trauma to the teeth. While the standard tooth whitening process will usually not work on these types of stains, there are other options for patients to whiten up their smile such as dental veneers or bonding.

In-office whitening sessions and at-home whitening kits that are prescribed by a licensed dentist are much safer than over-the-counter whitening kits. Those store-bought kits can be unnecessarily harsh and aren’t regulated to the same level of scrutiny as professional-grade whitening kits.

Elevate Dental’s team of licensed dental professionals have the training and expertise required to diagnose any oral health issues that could impact whitening results and adjust treatment recommendations to your personal circumstances.

No matter whether you opt for in-chair teeth whitening or an at-home kit, it’s always necessary to consult a professional dentist. They can evaluate your oral health, clean your teeth thoroughly, and check for any oral problems that may impact the whitening treatment. Then, they can perform the procedure for you or provide you with a customised at-home whitening kit.

The results from teeth whitening can last anywhere from a few months to several years depending on the eating, drinking, and oral hygiene habits of the patient.

In general, the results of professional in-office treatments tend to last longer than at-home treatments. Maintaining a strict brushing and flossing routine while cutting back on “staining” food and drink go a long way towards preserving your smile and mitigating stains and discolouration.   

Achieving the smile you’ve always wanted is more affordable than you may think. We provide transparent Invisalign treatment pricing and flexible payment options to give you the confidence that Elevate Dental is the right choice for your dental needs.

To get the best results, we recommend that whitening patients cutting back on any “staining” food or drink and maintain a strict oral hygiene routine. Other steps to maintain a whiter, brighter smile include:

  • Brush teeth twice a day
  • Use an antiseptic mouth wash
  • Regularly replace your toothbrush
  • Drink coffee, tea, and red wine through a straw
  • Schedule regular dental cleanings and check-ups

n isn’t a one size fits all option – we work with you to achieve the smile you want within the budget and timeframe that you’re after. What we’re good at is providing specialist dental care and flexible solutions for you to achieve your dream smile.
Simply click the button below, enter your contact information, and we will send you an upfront Invisalign treatment cost guide right away!

Teeth whitening treatments can aid the removal of stains caused by coffee, tea, or smoking — and other extrinsic causes of stains. However, teeth whitening may not work on stains caused by medications or intrinsic discolouration (stains that occur inside the tooth)!

During your initial whitening consultation, our dentists will carefully examine your teeth to determine the cause of stains and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for them. 

We recommend avoiding any food or drinks that can stain your teeth such as coffee, tea, or red wine for at least 24-hours after having your teeth whitened. This grace period ensures that the whitening agents can run their course and that your teeth stay white for as long as possible.

The cost of teeth whitening will depend on the condition of your teeth (which determines how much and how strong the gel must be) and the applicable treatment options. Elevate Dental provides transparent pricing and flexible payment options that make teeth whitening accessible and affordable for more patients. Check out our for your free, transparent pricing guide.

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