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From wisdom teeth removal to your bi-yearly check up, explore the Elevate Dental difference across a wide range of General Dentistry services

It’s a fact: Nobody really likes being at the dentist. But when it comes to ensuring your teeth and mouth are healthy and functioning, it’s important to find the right dentist for you. At Elevate Dental, we believe that your general dentistry needs should be as painless as possible: on your mouth, your wallet and your schedule.

The Prevention Program

Not a card carrying member of the frequent flosser club? Can’t remember the last time you replaced your toothbrush? We get it – dental hygiene can be frustrating and easily left off the to-do list. Maintaining good habits, however, is one of the easiest ways to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and preventing eye watering bills in the future when something starts to hurt. As part of our commitment to support your long term dental health, we’ve created the Prevention Program. A completely free initiative that keeps dental hygiene easy, top-of-mind, and completely customised to you and your needs.

Emergency Dentist

Don’t let an unexpected olive pit or aching cheek ruin your day. If you’ve experienced an unexpected pain, crack or chip, infection or impacted wisdom teeth, our flexible opening hours aim to have you in the chair and assisted as soon as possible.

Our comfortable clinic is the perfect place to be for unexpected dental events. You can kick back and relax with headphones on, and enjoy your favourite shows on Netflix while our friendly team work together to assist you in your emergency dental needs.

Dentistry For Kids

Good dental habits started from childhood can last a lifetime. We work hard to ensure your entire family feel welcome at Elevate Dental, which is why our team strives to have kids comfortable and happy about their twice yearly check up.

Dental check ups and cleans can be intimidating for young kids and teens alike, often making it challenging for them to relax. We utilise a range of techniques to ensure your children feel at ease during their examination, including headsets and Netflix, as well as our family oriented and trained staff. Book in today and see the difference!

Why Choose General Dentistry at Elevate Dental

Our people-focused approach. Our entire team are friendly professionals focused on your ongoing comfort.

High quality dentistry. Our commitment to continuous education means offering you the best.

A relaxed atmosphere. Kick back with Netflix or headphones while we keep your teeth clean and healthy

Appointments when you need them the most. Later nights and lunch times available.

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