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How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Melbourne?

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Melbourne Elevate Dental

If you’re in Melbourne and need to get a root canal, then one of the first things that you’ll want to know is the cost.

Root canal treatment, otherwise known as Endodontics, is a common dental procedure designed to treat infected ‘pulp’ or the soft tissue of the tooth. It’s a common procedure that is used to treat a range of dental issues that affect the natural integrity of your teeth, however, when it comes time to get one, it’s not something that you can push to the corner.

Whilst it’s a common treatment, the costs for a root canal in Melbourne can vary dramatically, which is why it’s important to do your research and understand the factors that influence prices so that you know how much you can expect to pay for root canal treatment in Melbourne.


Table of Contents

·  How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Melbourne?

·  Procedure Overview for Root Canal Treatment

·  Factors That Influence the Cost of Treatment

·  Does Medicare Cover Root Canal Treatment Costs?

·  Is Root Canal Treatment Covered by Insurance?


How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of a root canal treatment in Melbourne starts at $1,500 per tooth and can increase to $3,000+ per tooth depending on the nature and extent of treatment that is required. Prices may vary where treatment is required on multiple teeth, and these procedures are often not performed in a single session due to their time-intensive nature.

Procedure Overview for Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment in Melbourne, depending on where you go, will follow a similar procedure and treatment process to the one that we use here at Elevate Dental. Our process for inspecting, diagnosing, and treating, involves:

1. Examine: An initial consultation to determine the need for a root canal.

2. Irrigate: Disinfection of the tooth root.

3. Scan: Low dose digital x-ray scans to ensure complete infection removal.

4. Disinfect: Application of antibacterial medication and sealing of the tooth.

5. Protect: Placement of a protective filling or crown.


Factors That Influence the Cost of Treatment

Not all root canal treatments are created equally, which means that the price for a root canal in Melbourne will vary based on a number of unique factors, including:

·  Complexity of the procedure: The number of canals and the difficulty of treatment can affect the cost.

·  The location of the tooth that requires treatment: The type and location of the tooth will influence the cost of treatment. As a rule of thumb, molars (back teeth) are usually more complex to treat than incisors (front teeth) and therefore will require more time and cost more to treat.

·  Dental Crowns or fillings post-procedure: As you can see in our procedure overview, preventative protective treatment in the aftermath of a root canal includes a filling or crown. Depending on the nature of treatment and best course of action, your dentist will prescribe the most suitable option which will influence the total cost.

·  Clinic Location: Geographical location of the clinic may influence prices for a root canal in Melbourne.

·  Quality of treatment: Just like in any profession, there are good dentists, and there are some not-so-good ones. High-quality treatment will invariably cost more than cheap root canal treatment from an inexperienced (or even unlicenced) dentist.  

Does Medicare Cover Root Canal Treatment Costs?

Medicare does not typically cover any dental treatments unless directly linked to the immediate well-being of the patient.

In spite of the importance of prompt and effective dental treatment, Medicare DOES NOT cover the cost of Root canal treatments in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia for that matter.

Is Root Canal Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Root canal treatment is considered a major dental procedure which means that many insurance providers will not provide coverage. Depending on your level of coverage, your private health insurance may cover a (small) portion of the costs associated with getting a root canal in Melbourne, but it’s important to check with them prior to your treatment. Patients are responsible for knowing their level of cover and ensuring that they can cover the upfront fees, as well as any gap that is not covered by insurance.

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